Global Event Services Inc (GESI) is proud to celebrate 16 years in business providing world-class technical event and project management to some of the largest technical conferences in the world. We have served over 300 clients including Microsoft, eBay, Google, O'Reilly Media, Real Networks, RSA Security, Sybase, Tech Conferences, and Rational Software. Our experience has taken us across the US and to international events in Australia, Japan, China, Europe, and Canada. We manage events of all sizes and duration and our cost structure is very competitive.

GESI will custom-configure the computers on your event to your exact specifications. From basic email stations to custom gaming machines or developer workstations, we have the equipment and the expertise to make your event a success. In addition, our audio-visual professionals can provide the latest projection, sound, and staging equipment to ensure that the image you project is of the highest quality. Whether you must coordinate computer equipment, audio-visual, networking, or kiosks for 10 or 10,000 attendees, let us show you how we can make your next event a success.

Project Planning

We provide full reporting, planning, and dialogue with you and your staff well in advance of your event to ensure your success. Our experienced project managers are dedicated 100% to your event, and are always available to you.

Tradeshow Support

Our tradeshow specialists have years of experience in providing top-shelf equipment, networking, and technical support for the duration of your event. We're here to be your partner in a successful trade-show experience.

Network Management

GESI has provided large-scale network deployments at single events for thousands of discrete devices. Our mobile network solutions can duplicate the security and reliability of a mainstream corporate network for 10 to 10,000 users, both wired and wireless.

Portfolio Heading

Project One

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Project Two

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Project Three

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